The imago organism

Photograph: Ray Hennessy

Imago refers to the last transformative stage from caterpillar to butterfly. While inside the cocoon, the cells of the caterpillar revert to a primal state. That’s when the cells of the organism change into imago cells. These imago cells are responsible for the transformation from a state of potential to a new organism. We use this metaphor as a way to communicate and embody the transformation our world needs.

Imago Space Community is an organization but first and foremost an organism. The word organism in addition to organization acknowledges the living beings and the relationships between them. We do respect and embrace the need for structure, yet we want to emphasize that structures are built on relationships.

Thanks to this metaphor, we integrate the polarity between the individual and the collective.

As a collective organism, we are cycling from caterpillar to butterfly and going through imago stages.

As an individual, you are a cell with unique motivation and gifts to help nurture a self-nourishing organism and its transformation.