Co-working together

What do you value most in this moment, flexibility or stability?

A visual preview of our shared workspace

Flexibility – 150€ / month*

Enjoy the fluidity of this membership. Pick any spot from the flex desk areas. Close to a window, close to a friend, with a monitor, in a corner… This area is alive and ever-changing, and so are you.

Desks need to be cleared at the end of the day ( flex area storage available)

Stability – 250€ / month*

Set up your monitor (or monitors!) your trinkets, and any other desk equipment you require. Enjoy the comfort of a permanent office space where your vibe can be focused and shine.

Dedicated shelf storage for individuals and lockable cabinets are available for teams.

*All prices are without VAT (MwSt.).

Supportive option: If you are burning with passion to join us yet your wallet is burning as well, select the supportive option!

For teams and networks, we offer flexible solutions, contact us directly by email at

More than a co-working: a community working together

A network of Imago cells. We keep a reasonable tribe-size community of around seventy members maximum so that the web of interweaved relationships we cultivate stays alive and authentic. We welcome diverse individuals with rich backgrounds to foster inspiration and innovation.

A relational approach: We are a running business and we nurture a relationship with the space and with each other that isn’t highly transactional. We offer a lot of perks that usually come as paid features as one package, on the lower end of the market prices.

  • 24/7 Access* (events have priority on weekends/evenings)
  • Invite your colleagues and friends
  • Community rituals and community-curated events
  • Coffee (or Decaf), Tea, and Barista grade Hafer milk.. (with an epic milk foamer)
  • Shared monitors are available
  • Post handling/mail service
  • Business address registration
  • Storage for food, and personal belongings
  • Wifi, copying, scanning, and other office things

A self-organised space: This is our space. We are all responsible for it and expected to contribute and be responsible for co-usage and co-maintenance for a few hours per month. If you are inspired you are invited to take on some financially compensated committed roles in service of the community.

  • Join a purpose-driven community of change-makers
  • Our members care for and support each other
  • Boost your visibility thanks to the collective reputation of our network
  • Incubate and generate new ideas with a culture of experimentation and trust
  • Access to our bespoke Slack and Notion workspace for self-organization
  • Join a domain and help co-create the community, become a leader!
  • Learn from our journey towards a community-driven and steward-owned organism